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- Quickly&neatly! Clean&tidy!

  1. it is needed to use notching tool for accurate notching solidcore skirtings to get desired corner
  2. due to resilient properties of solidcore skirtings, it is highly recommended to dry and clean a wall prior to installation
  3. It is recommended to use branded fixing products: either hot melt glue or double side self adhesive SIGA tape
  4. apply glue as uninterrupted – wavy line (not dot-like application)
  5. store skirting boards in a room when installation takes place 24h prior to installation in temp. of no lower than 18 °C
  6. in case of crooked walls, it is recommended to install a profile rigidly followed by filling in the gaps with a filler
  7. It is not recommended to strickly adhere a skirting board to a crooked wall. Skirting boards will go off the wall over time due to tension

Installation recommendations:

CUBU Premium corners

Fugenfill - filling in an outer corner 

Fugenfill - filling in an inner corner 

Fugenfill - wax-acrylic filler

How to get a neat ending


Notching angles different than 90 degrees

Notching inner corner

Notching outer corner in XL models

Notching inner coner in XL models

How to get a neat ending of XL models