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Döllken Profiles

Döllken brand has been known for more than 100 years as an expert in floor finishing. Today we have become a producer and supplier of excellent skirting boards, aluminium profiles and modern LED lighting.

Döllken Profiles products are widely used were aesthetics, quality and durability matters – in private apartments, hotels,offices, hospitals, schools, yachts. We have won installers` trust due to our experience and technology all over the world. The technology which has been constantly developed.

The company is a part of world Surteco holding – a leading producer of surface related materials based on paper and plastic material delivered among other to the fields: decoration, finishing, furniture, printing industry, building. The products are produced in 20 modern production facilities on 4 continents. Doellken is a reliable business partner knowledgeable about design engineering, production, logistics, B2B comprehensive support